Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Google Code In 2015

Google Code-in is a contest for pre-university students. This year i am taking part in GCI! 14 open source organizations take part providing several tasks that are being completed by the students. Among these organizations is Wikimedia, for which i submit tasks.
Personally, i really enjoyed the constest. It was a really nice experience from many aspects. Through the contest i have learned a bunch of things:
1) How open source organizations work and how to contribute to them. Contribution can be achieved with different ways. For example, you can fix bugs in code, make the documentation better or make a research about a topic.
2) How to use an IRC channel in order to communicate with people that are also interested in making the open source organization better and help them or be helped. :)
3) How to use Phabricator, GitHubGIT and submit patches on Gerrit (where patches are uploaded).
What is more i have completed a lot of interesting tasks. What i liked most was the internationalisation (i18n) and localisation (l10n) tasks. At first i though they were a little bit difficult but along the way i have figured out how to solve such problems.
I think that documentation pages on Mediawiki generally provide sufficient information (e.g. Gerrit Tutorial) that in conjuction with getting a little help from other users through IRC can lead to a good understanding of what you have to do in order to setup the development environment.
I really recommend other students to take part in this contest for the days that are remaining or in the GCI 2016.
I also intend to continue contributing to Wikimedia after the end of the contest either by helping to make documentation better or by uploading code patches.

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